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Our community is made of real users and their personal content. We fight against all type of fake and this is what makes us different.
Since day 1 our approach is to build a social network where women feel comfortable and respected.
Creating a fun environment is the best way to push people to open themselves and to disinhibit.
Our members are playful and for that reason we crafted our product around features that enhance this aspect of their personality.
The mix of freemium + gamification makes them addicted to our community because it is fun, active and real.
Our users are very active with an average 50 pages views per session and 15 minutes duration. They enjoy the freemium service in average for 60 days before they make their first purchase of premium membership.
Women, couples and men from all over the world are using our service everyday.
It is designed to entertain them all together and have fun whether they speak or not the same language. The distance and different origin can even increase the excitement and fantasy they feel.
USA, France, Norway, Mexico, Brasil, Japan, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand … we have no boundaries.
Our service is currently available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch. Our service is cross-device, compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers.
A big focus has been put on the mobile version to create a real webapp experience.
The quality of our community relies on a strong and reactive moderation, operated 24H/7.
Strict rules and processes are key and we ensure that they are followed by our team on a daily basis.
Malicious and disrespectful users are not tolerated in order to keep our community safe from outside threats.
The gamification of our product is one of our keys to success, pushing our users to interact more, to produce more creative content, to build loyalty and engagement.
Gamification also helps us to improve the monetization and member value.

Build your white label

We work hand to hand with a small amount of partners, willing to run their own branded service.

Our partners have the traffic, the knowledge of the market and focus on what they do best.

We provide them with a fully customized white label, using their brand and colors, their own billing and any feature they need.

We are not a random affiliate program, we give a real sense to the word “partnership” as we do everything to make your social network a success.

Our technology and features are updated and improved on a constant basis, as well as we monitor and work on improving the KPIS on a daily basis.

Make money

Build Organic and long term revenues

  • Website owners

    Making profits with ads is difficult and a short term strategy. Promoting your branded social network will provide you with long term revenues without ruining your existing traffic with agressive offers.

  • Paysite owners

    You have a brand, users already pay for your service and you want to upsell them with a clean product.

    Cross sale : upgrade your offer with a membership to your white label.

    1 click billing upsell : Your users pay for your service with no need to submit their credit card again.

Optimized convertion


Our product is optimized to generate the most revenues and upsells possible.


We take it to a whole new level. Our technology has proven itself with partners generating millions of page views daily.

Develop your traffic and grow your brand

Engage your community

When your loyal users are being sent to aggressive banners or pop unders, they can be lost forever and obviously be disappointed by scam offers.

The white label we provide is not a random affiliate link, it is your product, with your name, and that will help you monetize your traffic without disappointing your users.

About us

Our philosophy

One day we sat for lunch and we spoke about how the market is changing, with more educated users, willing to pay for service at the condition of not being fooled. We decided to make a promise, that we would build a fun and international community, with a great user experience, where our members can trust us and stay with us for years, whether they are single or in couple. This vision is not naive, it is the future, it is our philosophy.

Our team

Located in France, Belgium and the United States, our team's members have different ages and backgrounds, but we all share the same passion for innovation and high quality products.

Our office in Uk
Our office in France
59-60 Gainsborough House, Thames Street Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1TX
+44 (0) 1753 434680
107 avenue Henri Freville 35207 Rennes
+33 2 30 96 67 08